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Digital Commerce Easy Buttons: Mobile, Social & Tablet Commerce

(posted on February 22, 2011 at 01:50 pm by Sarah)
Digital Commerce Easy Buttons: Mobile, Social & Tablet Commerce

Traditional e-commerce is getting a boost from its newly aspiring counterparts: Meet Mobile, Social and Tablet Commerce. With the emergence of these new forms of online commerce at our fingertips, traditional ways of buying online have gotten easier. What's your preferred easy button for shopping digitally?

The process of digital commerce has revolutionized, as customers now have more ways than ever before to purchase products and find what they need at a mere click of an app or swipe of a button. What has been commonly known as e-commerce, or simply buying online, has become an umbrella term now-a-days. As a society and as a technological world, we've evolved. E-commerce just isn't about 'buying online' anymore, it's about how and why we prefer to buy online, and what easy buttons we have available to get the job done. Just like everything else in our busy lives; the end goal is to find ways to make buying online as cost effective and most efficient as possible. Developers and techies alike have studied trends in online buying and have revolutionized our options for e-commerce lovers. What are the options, you ask? Welcome, the 3 new easy buttons...what's your pick?

Tablet Commerce (t-commerce): Techies and geeks alike no longer just consist of college bound males. Females, typically Moms, are the new gamers in town. These fashionable, techie Mamas are embracing the tablet and iPad scene and are not only lovin' it, but are contributing to the increased online spending via these convenient, easy to use, and yes, fashionable devices! Tablets and iPads make it easy to buy fast, buy local, and buy cost effectively. No more waiting in lines with screaming kids, no more moving around daily schedules to make time to grocery shop. Do all your shopping while watching a soccer game, baking cookies, or waiting for a PTA meeting to start. It's a fact, women now control roughly 70-85% of household spending in the U.S to date, and the female to male ratio of iPad users has shifted from 1:2 to 2:3. Enter Mobile Commerce.

Mobile Commerce (m-commerce): With an increase in iPad users exploring new and faster ways of buying online, this activity has opened the doors for Mobile Commerce and sparked discussions about the importance of Mobile Commerce and the ability to buy no matter where you are. Retailers around the U.S have attributed an increase in sales (nearly 50%!) to m-commerce. What makes this even more exciting is that mobile activity is coming directly from users of tablets and iPads, making it proof that m-commerce has increased due to the rise of t-commerce. Now, let's take this one step further and involve a social aspect to this dynamic duo...Welcome Social Commerce to the mix.

Social Commerce (s-commerce): Adding a social touch to your online experience has proven to increase attention span, while increasing dollars spent. Poll your friends, share links, boast rave reviews all within your digital buying experience. Social Commerce, in combination with a mobile experience via a tablet or iPad has grown hand over fist, forever changing traditional e-commerce. Wave your cellphone instead of your credit card, browse apps to buy products, compare services, or connect socially with your friends via online networks. By adding social functions to a digital commerce application, it acts as 'purchase validation', so shoppers feel more comfortable buying a product without seeing it in person. People relate to and rely on reviews, comparative sites and friend buying experiences. One is more apt to buy more if they have read positive reviews on products and/or services recommended by friends. Social is the new Search and Mobile has become Social.

Digital Commerce has gotten easier with the onset of these 'easy buttons'. What's your favorite?


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